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    INTELLITECH is a legitimate website development service provider, having perfect skills to deliver the best quality website development services.


    We are known to be a smart software developing company as well as Mobile App development service that caters low cost yet highly efficient solutions to the clients.


    INTELLITECH customized applications are the kind of software includes both mobile and web application with other customized services.

  • Software Development

    INTELLITECH is a leading software development company in Nigeria and Africa, We are at the forefront of software development locally and Globally. For this reason, We build powerful software for our clients base on their specifications, without cutting out the resource. No doubt, INTELLITECH uses modern technologies to produces a stable, scalable and secured software that can stand with any software produced around the world.

    All things considered, We believe in giving the best solutions, Our developers are good at what they do and are always undergoing occasional training within and outside the country. We support our clients and pay attention to their documentation during development. We make them follow up with the progress till the end.

  • How we Deliver Software and Products

    First and foremost, We plan with our client from the beginning before we start development then, We brainstorm with them and share ideas. Of course, We don't build a product and leave our clients business in the dust, As a leading software development company, We want to be associated with great products. We don't joke with delivery time because time is everything, We value our time and our clients time also. For this reasons, We make sure that after all the planning we come up with a timeline.

  • Training

    Our training covers various aspects of computer programming, web, and mobile application development with practical sessions to make sure the trainees come out ready for the software development industry.

    We have carefully developed training programmes in Java, C++, Android App Development, iOS, Web Application using Node.js, PHP, Java, and Python. Applicants on our training programmes can also focus on Fronted Web Development and Graphics Design, WordPress, Joomla or Drupal. At the end of the programme, you would have developed a real-life application and be confident enough to complete a project on your own.

    The Intellitech Mentorship program is to enable the participant (mentee) to develop his or her own skills, strategies and capability so that they are enabled to take on a software development project (depending on the specific specialization selected) or tackle the next hurdle more effectively with or without the mentor’s presence.

Why You Need Our Service

Some of our clients say we are the best at what we do but all we did is give it our best, It's simple Your Business + Our Brains = Excellent Result. Our world class engineers got you covered.

  • User Experience and Friendliness

    Softwares with capacity to appeal to it users and make it easy for users to navigate.

  • Fast and Responsive

    Tablets, Mobile, Smartphones, iOS, Android, Windows Phone. Our Web solutions are suite for all screens.

  • World-Class Technology Stack

    Java, C#, Go, JavaScript, PHP and Python. QL, Oracle MySQL, MongoDB, Redis. JSF, NodeJS, AngularJS, ReactJS. Ionic, React-native. Our Team is packed with skills.

  • Free 1 Year Technical Support

    Swift Technical support with quick response time, Our customer service team will always be there.

  • Mobile Application

    Apple iOS, Android, Mobile Applications and Software that are build to scale and perform better on low specification devices.

  • Safety and Security First

    Server security, Code Security, Framework, Hosting, Git/ Version Control Systems. We cant afford to leave unnecessary trails.

  • Training & Tutorials

    Step by step our team puts your staff and IT specialist through on how to completeley take control of your own solutions, You will only need us in special cases.

  • Expert Support Team

    Technical support is irreplacible and can't be subtituted, We'll get the right Software Engineer on it ASAP.

  • E-Commerce Solutions

    Going Bigger? We'll customize the solution, We want to provide solutions that will suit your business and make it easier for us to support you without having to struggle with third party plugins. We always recomend customized E-Commerce solutions for our beloved clients. But is you insist, We do Magento, Woocomerce, Virtual mart